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A simple pearl necklace embodies timeless elegance and femininity, making it a beloved and versatile addition to a woman's jewellery collection. Celebrating the essence of warm femininity and empowering women with exquisitely crafted, timeless, and affordable jewellery, Complete. Studio offers an exceptional selection of simple pearl necklace designs, beautifully showcasing the enchanting allure of these radiant gems. 

Ranging from versatile and minimalist strands of pearls to delicate pendants suspended on a sophisticated chain, the simple pearl necklace designs at Complete. Studio cater to various styles and preferences. Embrace the rich history and celestial allure of pearls, as presented to you by the artistry and expertise of New Zealand-based lifestyle brand, Complete. Studio.

1. Pearls: A Brief Overview of the Gem of the Sea

Before exploring simple pearl necklace designs, it's important to understand the characteristics of the different pearl types available:

  • Akoya Pearls: Renowned for their classic round shape and high lustre, Akoya pearls originate from Japan and come in various shades, including white, cream, and rose.
  • Freshwater Pearls: Cultured in lakes and rivers, freshwater pearls offer a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colours, making them ideal for versatile necklace designs.
  • Tahitian Pearls: Hailing from the islands of French Polynesia, Tahitian pearls are known for their striking dark hues, ranging from grey and black to peacock green and eggplant.
  • South Sea Pearls: The largest and rarest of pearl types, South Sea pearls offer remarkable size, silky lustre, and natural colours, such as silver, white, and golden tones.

2. Simple Pearl Necklace Designs: Classic Styles for Timeless Appeal

Complete. Studio offers a stunning variety of simple pearl necklace designs that elegantly showcase the enduring beauty of pearls for various occasions:

  • Single Pearl Pendant Necklace: A classic and minimalist option, a single pearl pendant necklace features a lustrous pearl suspended from a chain, making it a versatile choice for everyday wear or special events.
  • Pearl Bar Necklace: A modern take on pearl necklaces, a pearl bar necklace incorporates several pearls evenly spaced along a bar or chain, creating a delicate, yet contemporary look.
  • Pearl Station Necklace: Featuring pearls at regular intervals along a chain, pearl station necklaces provide a subtle combination of pearls and metal for a refined and sophisticated look.
  • Pearl Strand Necklace: Timeless and elegant, pearl strand necklaces display a continuous line of pearls, available in various lengths and pearl sizes to suit your personal style and preferences. Pearl strand necklaces can be crafted from freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, or South Sea pearls, depending on your desired look and budget.

3. Choose Your Pearl Necklace Length: A Guide to Flattering Styles

Selecting the perfect necklace length is essential to create a harmonious balance between your simple pearl necklace and your outfit:

  • Collar (30-35cm): Ideal for high or boat necklines, collar length pearl necklaces sit snugly around the base of the neck, offering classic and elegant appeal.
  • Princess (45-50cm): The most popular and versatile necklace length, princess-length pearl necklaces sit just below the collarbone, making them suitable for most necklines and occasions.
  • Matinee (55-60cm): A feminine and sophisticated choice, matinee-length pearl necklaces rest at your bust's centre and are ideal for business attire or semi-formal occasions.
  • Opera (75-90cm): Providing versatility and elegance, opera-length pearl necklaces can be worn long or doubled for a shorter, double-stranded look, complementing both formal and casual attire.
  • Rope (over 110cm): The longest necklace style, rope-length pearl necklaces allow for creative and diverse styling options, including multi-stranded looks or knots to add a touch of sophistication and glamour.

4. Selecting the Perfect Clasp: Ensuring Security and Style

An often overlooked yet integral component of a pearl necklace, the clasp plays a crucial role in securing and enhancing your necklace design:

  • Lobster Claw Clasp: A secure and popular choice, lobster claw clasps are easy to use and hold your necklace safely in place.
  • Spring Ring Clasp: Sleek and simple, spring ring clasps are a minimalist option that complements delicate pearl necklace designs.
  • Toggle Clasp: A stylish and secure option, toggle clasps feature a bar and loop mechanism, adding a touch of elegance to the necklace design.
  • Pearl Clasp: Perfectly complementing your pearl necklace design, pearl clasps are often adorned with a pearl or several small pearls, adding an extra element of charm and allure.

5. Proper Care and Maintenance: Prolonging the Life of Your Pearl Necklace

To ensure your simple pearl necklace from Complete. Studio remains a cherished piece in your jewellery collection for years to come, adhere to proper care and maintenance practices:

  • Cleaning: Gently clean your pearls with a damp cloth or designated pearl cleaner to maintain their lustre and remove any dirt or oils.
  • Storage: Store your pearl necklace separately from other jewellery, ideally in a soft-lined compartment or pouch, to prevent scratches and damage.
  • Restringing: Over time, the silk thread used for pearl strand necklaces may weaken or stretch. Periodically restring your necklace to ensure its security and longevity.

By considering these factors and following best care practices, you guarantee a beautiful and meaningful addition to your jewellery collection. Explore Complete. Studio's range of simple pearl necklace designs and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of these enchanting gems.


Simple pearl necklace designs offer an unmatched blend of classic elegance, sophistication, and versatility, making them an essential and cherished addition to your jewellery collection. y understanding the different pearl types, selecting your ideal necklace length, and committing to proper care practices, you can ensure a lasting and radiant addition to your wardrobe.

Complete. Studio, a New Zealand-based lifestyle brand, celebrates the essence of warm femininity and empowers women with exquisitely crafted, timeless, and affordable simple pearl necklace designs that cater to every style and preference. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect simple pearl necklace that enhances your natural beauty and reflects your unique style!


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