Monet Pearl Choker - Complete. StudioMonet Pearl Choker - Complete. Studio
Best Seller

Monet Pearl Choker

From $83.89

Bestseller, Freshwater Pearl

14k Gold Filled, Freshwater Pearl

Hera Pearl Necklace - Complete. StudioHera Pearl Necklace - Complete. Studio
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18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl, Natural Gemstone

Baby Pearl Necklace - Complete. StudioBaby Pearl Necklace - Complete. Studio
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Baby Pearl Necklace

From $80.78

14k Gold Filled, Flawless Swarovski Pearl

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl, Natural Gemstone

Gianna Pearl Necklace - Complete. StudioGianna Pearl Necklace - Complete. Studio
Best Seller

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl

18k Gold Plated, Beach Jewellery

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater pearl

Olive NecklaceOlive Necklace
20% OFF

Olive Necklace

$64.62 $80.78

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl, Olivine

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl

Harmony Pearl Necklace - Complete. StudioHarmony Pearl Necklace
30% OFF

Harmony Pearl Necklace

$56.54 $80.78

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl and Olivine

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl and Gemstone

14k Gold Filled, Premium Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater Pearl, African Jade, Lapis Lazuli

18k Gold Plated, Tiger's Eye, Freshwater Pearl

Skylar NecklaceSkylar Necklace
40% OFF

Skylar Necklace

$33.55 $55.92

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl, Natural Gemstone

Vanna NecklaceVanna Necklace
33% OFF

Vanna Necklace

$49.71 $74.56

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl

18k Gold Plated, Freshwater Pearl, Natural Gemstone

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About Our Pearl Choker Necklace Collection

Experience the magic of elegance with our Pearl Choker Necklace NZ collection. You will find a mix of timeless beauty and modern style.

In our collection, you discover a wide variety of pearl choker necklaces. Designed to capture your attention. We have dainty chain chokers for
everyday wear, beautiful baroque pearl pendants, and classic single pearls on gold necklaces. Every piece is made with care. Using real sterling silver, luxury gold-plated, and precious gemstones, showing the beauty of New Zealand.

Our collection has lovely freshwater pearls, bringing together classic
and modern styles. From a shiny gold choker to a necklace set with freshwater pearls, you have many choices. Embrace the magic of real pearls, known for their special beauty. Feel the true meaning of grace with our Pearl Choker Necklace collection.

Come and explore our collection of chokers, freshwater pearls, and cultured freshwater pearls. Discover real elegance with our Pearl Choker Necklace NZ collection today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are pearl Chokers in style?

    • Pearl chokers, which include different kinds like antique pearl chokers, tiny pearl chokers, and gold pearl necklace chokers, have become fashionable again. They're making a strong comeback in the fashion scene for spring 2023. These chokers are a hit with people who love the '90s fashion revival. They come in various styles. From classic ones to unique designs with different types of pearls. You'll find options like layered pearl chokers and freshwater pearls. It's worth mentioning that pearls and pearl necklaces, including pearl chokers, are now a part of genderless fashion, as men are also getting into this trend.

  • How do I know what size pearl choker to get?

    • Choosing the perfect size for a pearl choker necklace involves considering a few things. Start by measuring the circumference of your neck, making sure it's snug but comfortable. Then, think about your style and preferences. Typically, pearl chokers are around 14 to 16 inches long, sitting just above your collarbone. This length is popular with young women, smaller folks, and those who like high-necked outfits. Also, the shape of your face matters; different face shapes suit various necklace lengths. For instance, heart-shaped faces often look great with chokers or shorter necklaces, as they create the illusion of a wider jawline. You should also think about the size of the pearls in the choker, as it affects how long the necklace appears. Pearl chokers can have pearls ranging from 5mm to 10mm. If you can, try on different sizes and styles of pearl choker necklaces to see which one fits your style and body best. To pick the ideal pearl choker size, measure your neck, match it with your style and face shape, think about the pearl size, and experiment with different options to find your perfect fit.

  • Can a pearl choker enhance your professional elegance?

    • Absolutely! A pearl choker necklace, whether it's a simple one or has a pendant, adds a touch of femininity, refinement, and sophistication. Pearls have a timeless charm and can bring an elegant vibe to your office look. They're also perfect for formal events like weddings. To nail this style, pick a subtle pearl choker that compliments your outfit without stealing the show. Stay away from heavy or flashy designs that can seem unprofessional. Make sure your choker isn't too tight and uncomfortable, as that could distract you. To add a dash of sophistication, you can wear your pearl choker with high-neck blouses or dresses, especially for weddings. Don't forget the option of layering it with longer necklaces, like those stylish layered pearl necklace chokers, for that polished look. When you wear a pearl choker necklace the right way, it reflects your femininity and sophistication, suitable for weddings and work settings.

  • Are Pearl Chokers a Stylish Choice for Plus-Size Elegance?

    • Fashion is for everyone, and that includes plus-size women who can look amazing in pearl chokers. Just remember these tips: Go for a choker that's comfortable and not too tight. It's better if it's a bit wider and sits lower on your neck – that's more flattering. Pair your pearl choker with a V-neck top or dress, which will make your neck look longer and create a slimmer effect. You can also layer it with longer necklaces to keep things balanced. Avoid thin or tight chokers; they might not look great. And don't wear chokers that sit too high on your neck, as they can make it seem shorter and wider. Also, stay away from high-neck tops or dresses to avoid a bulky appearance. With these style and length choices, plus-size women can confidently wear pearl chokers and look stunning.

  • How do you pair a pearl choker necklace?

    • Wearing a pearl choker necklace, whether it's a freshwater pearl choker or an antique pearl choker, offers many options based on the event and your style. You can create a classy look by combining the pearl choker with other necklaces. Mixing in various textures and lengths of gold chains for a fancy appearance. For earrings, small and simple ones are a timeless choice. But if you want to add some sparkle, statement earrings work well. You can dress up or down your pearl choker. Even for weddings depending on the event, from everyday casual to fancy evening wear. If you're looking at necklines, match the pearl choker with V-neck tops or dresses. Especially for weddings, it can make your neck seem longer and slimmer. Or, you can choose a collared shirt or a strapless dress to add some variety. Making it a good choice for wedding attire. There are plenty of ways to style a pearl choker necklace. You can create a unique look that suits your style and the occasion.

  • What kind of earrings do you wear with a pearl choker?

    • There are various options to match your necklace beautifully. You can go for small and simple earrings like pearl studs or short drop earrings, and they'll go perfectly with the pearl choker. If you want to add some extra elegance, consider diamond studs or small gemstone drop earrings. To keep a balanced and stylish appearance, you can even experiment with different earring styles and shapes, like hoops or teardrops. It's a good idea to stay away from statement earrings because they might compete with your choker. Also avoid really large or heavy earrings that can be distracting and uncomfortable. In a nutshell, for a classy look with your pearl choker, pick modest and simple earrings that enhance your necklace. Avoid earrings that might be too much for your outfit.

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