14K Gold-filled jewellery has become a popular choice for many jewellery lovers due to it’s quality, beautiful luster of gold and it is much more affordable than solid gold. Not to mention it looks just like solid gold and with a little care it can last a lifetime of wear. But what exactly is it?

A 14K gold fill piece is created by wrapping an actual layer of 14K gold around a jeweler's brass core. The layer of gold has to be 1/20th gold by weight - meaning that if you melt a piece of jewelry down, 5% of what is in the melting pot has to be gold. Because of the materials involved you can always be sure that 14K gold fill is also a nickel free material. Gold-filled jewelry can stay beautiful for a lifetime, especially with a little care.

At Complete. Studio, we are strive to create demi-fine jewellery at an affordable price for every woman so we have a 14k gold-filled range for all jewellery lovers that enjoy timeless design. 

About Our 14k Gold-filled Jewellery

  • Sourced from America. All our gold-filled pieces are sourced from the biggest yet best quality gold-filled manufacturer in USA. Gold-filled is absolutely your best option after solid gold for quality and durability.  We only source from the best USA made gold-filled components and stand behind our product’s quality. 
  • Tarnish and Water Resistent. 14k Gold-filled materials are not supposed to tarnish for a long time. It is a perfect piece for everyday wear and it is fine to wear in shower if you are using mild and natural soap and shampoo but do keep them away from chemicals. 
  • Hypoallergenic. 99.9% of people find they have no sensitivity to gold-filled jewellery. Because the outside of the piece is solid 14k gold, it interacts with your skin in the same way solid 14k gold would. If you do not have any sensitivities to solid gold, you will find gold-filled agrees well with your skin.

  • Affordable. We offer a very competitive pricing for our 14k gold-filled range. You are only paying a bit more, but you are receiving a piece that is more durable and still provide a beautiful and stylish look. 

Best Selling 14k Gold-filled Pieces


Established in 2021, Complete. Studio is a New Zealand fashion and jewellery label that is designed to effortlessly empower the wearer who believes in timeless & refined beauty. Our mission is to create high-quality, feminine, every day and timeless pieces with eco and fair as our core values.