When choosing beautiful jewellery, choosing a piece that fits is important.

Size Guides

If you feel buying jewellery online is a little nerve-racking.
Our jewellery size guides below make life much easier.
Discover size guides to find your perfect necklace, ring and bracelet size.

Check the length

Necklace Size Guide

Our chains and necklaces mainly fall within four lengths. Most of them are adjustable, with extender links that can be used to fasten in multiple positions to create shortened or longer chains for your ultimate neckmess.

measure your finger

Ring size guide

1. Cut a narrow strip of paper and wrap it comfortably around your intended finger.

2. Mark with a pen where the paper overlaps.

3. Measure the circumference of your intended finger and match it to the circumference column in the below size chart.

4. We recommend ordering the larger sizes if it falls between two size.

5. Hot and cold hands might affect your sizing.

Measurue your wrist


1. Wrap a strip of paper around your wrist where you would like to wear the new bracelet.

2. Measure at a comfortable tension with a ruler to find your circumference.

3. Sizing up if you enjoy a looser fit or sizing down if you prefer a more snug style.


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