About Complete. Studio

Established in 2021, Complete. Studio is a New Zealand fashion and jewellery brand that is designed to effortlessly empower the wearer who believes in timeless & refined beauty. Our mission is to create high-quality, feminine, every day and timeless pieces with eco and fair as our core values. 

Complete. Studio is proudly owned, run, and led by women. We recognize a woman’s responsibility to support on another. We want to help all our customers courageously hold on their self-worth by creating versatile and timeless pieces that make a statement to express their own, unique sense of style and fashion.

Hero Products


Cashmere and Wool

Great style transcends season and occasion, and what is better than luxurious cashmere and wool to elevate everyday style and make women look and feel not just great, but warmly comfortable too?

Ultra-soft and breathable at the same time, it ticks all the boxes for cozy and comfortable all-season wear. Cashmere and wool are not just about luxury and style – it is about natural, sustainable, and comfortable clothing that every woman must experience.


Gold Jewellery 

Complete. Studio’s Jewellery is produced by very small-scale family run production made from cradle to cradle by the hands of the designer maker. Our supplier sources sustainable materials where possible including responsibly sourced metals and fair-trade gemstones. 

Our Jewellery is made of high-quality material so it will last for years and years. Most of our pieces reflects nature’s brighter side through the process of combining natural forms and casting them into metal, adorning them with gemstones, zirconia, and freshwater pearl. None of them contributes to deforestation or negative ecosystem impacts.


Core Value 

Sustainable and ethical business practices have been a part of Complete Studio since Day One. Our products are responsibly sourced and produced with sustainablility front in mind.

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