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Delve into the vibrant world of Barbie with our exclusive jewellery! Inspired by the new Barbie movie, these pieces seamlessly blend the boldness of gold with the charm of pink. Embody the spirit of Barbie Land, where femininity signifies power. Just like Barbie's world, our collection encourages you to express your individuality.

Be bold, be beautiful, and shine like Barbie. Embrace the pink, flaunt the gold, and let your Barbie-inspired glamour take the spotlight. Welcome to a style adventure where Barbie's world is your runway.

  • Blossom Earrings - 18k Gold Plated on Titanium Steel, AA Grade Magenta Zirconia
  • Monique Band Ring/ Rainbow - 18k Gold-Plated on High-Quality Brass
  • Cleo Necklace/ Heart Pendant -  18k Gold-Plated
  • Water Resistant 
  • Read our full Jewellery Care Guide here
  • Read our Sizing Guide here

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